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New Singapore office for Management Mobility Consulting »
We have the pleasure of announcing the opening of our brand-new office in Singapore!
(MMC, 21 of June 2019)

Management Mobility Consulting, Destination Services Provider of the Year 2019 »
For the 3rd time, Management Mobility Consulting has won the Re:locate Award in the category “Destination Services Provider of the year”.
(MMC, 23 of May 2019)

Brexit: a mobile app for Europeans wishing to stay in the UK »
London launches a mobile app for Europeans wishing to stay in the UK.
(MMC, 21 of January 2019)

Destination Malta »
Management Mobility Consulting is pleased to announce a new partnership with Welcome Center Malta.
(MMC, 18 of January 2019)

Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards »
We are extremely proud to announce that Management Mobility Consulting won the « Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards » 2018 for France from Acquisition International! Thank you so much for your trust!
(MMC, 6 of July 2018)

An international English section for Expat children »
Management Mobility Consulting present you the new English-speaking international section situated in Buc, Ile-de-France.
(MMC, 19 of January 2018)

BREXIT : Relocating from London to Frankfurt - Information Seminar for Foreign Financial Institutions »
A specific banking and relocation seminar will be organized for banking institutions interested in relocating business from London to Frankfurt. This exclusive Management Circle event will take place on 11th and 12th of July in London and on 11th and 12th of September 2017 in Frankfurt.
(MMC, 26 of May 2017)

Management Mobility Consulting wins the 2017 Innovation & Excellence Award »
MMC wins the Innovation & Excellence Award in the category “Excellence in Relocation Management Services”.
(MMC, 05.12.2016, 5 of December 2016)

BREXIT, quo vadis ? – Expected impacts on workforce mobility »
After the British referendum, companies prepare exodus from London to be ready to relocate their staff. How to get prepared to the Brexit?
(MMC, 22.08.2016, 22 of August 2016)

Management Mobility Consulting awarded in the EMEA EMMAS »
Management Mobility Consulting is proud to announce that they were awarded Runner-Up in the 2015 EMEA Emmas (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards) in the category “Destination Services Provider of the Year“.
(MMC, 09.11.2015, 9 of November 2015)

New clients' only expatriate web app launched »
From now on, Management Mobility Consulting clients have the possibility to prepare and follow their expatriations from their smartphones and notebooks.
(MMC, 12 of October 2015)

Shortlisted at the EMEA Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards 2015 (The EMMAs) »
Management Mobility Consulting has been shortlisted for an Expatriate Management and Mobility Award: Destination Services Provider of the Year
(Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM), 7 of September 2015)

New office in Nice »
Management Mobility Consulting opened a new office in Nice, along the famous Promenade des Anglais. Our Riviera team works with the same tools and offers the same packages as their collegues in the other regions of France.
(MMC, 10 of June 2015)

Management Mobility Consulting once again rewarded at the Re:locate Awards »
One more time, Management Mobility Consulting has won the Re:locate Award as “Best International Destination Services Provider”.
(MMC, 15 of May 2015)

Specialist - Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year 2015 »
Management Mobility Consulting was awarded as "Specialist - Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year - France" in February 2015 by the magazine M&A Today.
(MMC, 5 of March 2015)

Silver Nomination: Woman of the Economy on the International Market »
In November 2014, Martina Meinhold obtained the Silver Nomination as "Woman of the Economy".
(Trophées des Femmes de l'Economie, 1 of December 2014)

ACQ Global Awards : France – Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year »
In June 2014 Management Mobility Consulting won the third international award within one year. This time the company has been awarded as 'France - Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year' by ACQ Global Awards 2014.
(ACQ Global Awards, 16 of June 2014)

Management Mobility Consulting shortlisted in the Re:locate Awards 2014 »
Management Mobility Consulting has been recognized as a finalist in the categories « Best International Destination Services Provider » and « Excellence in Employee & Family Support ».
(MMC, 8 of April 2014)

MMC awarded as « Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year in France » »
Management Mobility Consulting was recognized in January 2014 by Corporate Intl Magazine as « Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year in France ».
(MMC, 17 of January 2014)

Be prepared to a repatriation in case of an emergency »
Ten essential aspects to efficiently prepare an emergency repatriation
(MMC, 22 of November 2013)

Expatriates appreciate high quality of life »
The French population established abroad increases between 3 and 4 % per year. Half of them feel better in the new location than in their home country due to a higher quality of life.
(French Morning National, 9 of September 2013)

Winner of the Re:locate Award: Best International Destination Services Provider »
Management Mobility Consulting won the Re:locate Award 2013 as « Best International Destination Services Provider ».
(Re:locate, 10 of May 2013)

"Best International Destination Service Provider": Management Mobility Consulting shortlisted in the Re:locate Award 2013 »
Management Mobility Consulting is delighted to have been shortlisted in the Re:locate Award 2013 in the category "Best International Destination Service Provider".
(MMC, 4 of April 2013)

Interview in the Nouvel Economiste »
More and more companies send their staff as expatriates around the world. To facilitate their employees' relocation, settling-in and their integration abroad, they work with relocation management companies, such as Management Mobility Consulting.
(Le nouvel Economiste, 14 of March 2013)

How to enhance coworkers' motivation through a personal management of their everyday life »
More and more companies offer concierge services to their employees to help them managing their everyday life such as searching for a parking lot, buying theater tickets or booking a family trip.
(MMC, 5 of December 2012)

Global Workforce Symposium - ERC® Washington »
Management Mobility Consulting attended the Global Workforce Symposium held by the ERC® in Washington DC from 3rd to 5th of October 2012. With more than 1,500 relocation professionals from over 50 different countries, the Symposium was one of the most important events focused on workforce mobility.
(MMC, 23 of October 2012)

New Service: Management of mobility costs »
New Service: Management of mobility costsManagement Mobility Consulting has introduced a new service including the management of costs linked to mobility. This new service includes the checking, the payment and the re-invoicing on a total invoice of relocation cost.
(MMC, 3 of July 2012)

Rent price trends in Paris and Berlin »
Rent prices in both European cities have increased by an average of around 7% in the last 12 months. However, this increase hardly reveals anything about the actual rental market situation as the trends in the capitals of both neighbouring countries could not be more different.
(MMC, 16 of January 2012)

New Salary Requirements for Work Permits in Belgium and in the Netherlands »
Since the beginning of this year, Belgium and the Netherlands have increased their salary requirements for the obtention of certain work permits. This concerns "Work Permits of Type B" in Belgium and applications from highly qualified migrants in the Netherlands.
(MMC, 5 of January 2012)

Cost of Living: Paris is the 27th Most Expensive City for Expatriates »
For the second year running, Luanda is the most expensive city of the world for expatriates. The Angolan capital is three times as costly as Karachi which is the word's least expensive city. These are the results of this year's Mercer Cost of Living Survey.
(Mercer, 1 of July 2011)

10 years MyMobility – New MyMobility Version online »
10 years MyMobility – New MyMobility Version onlineSince June 2011 our modified and updated clients' only MyMobility website is online with new interesting user friendly functions.
(MMC, 19 of June 2011)

EURA International Relocation Congress in Palma »
EURA Relocation Congress 2011 PalmaManagement Mobility Consulting attended the International Relocation Congress which was held by EURA in Palma de Mallorca from 14th to 16th of April 2011.
(MMC, 28 of April 2011)

Spotlight on… …Dubai! »
Originally founded on the oil industry, today the Emirate of Dubai's economy has a model which resembles closely that of the occidental countries.
(MMC, 8 of December 2010)

The rental market around the world »
The Byblos banks group released on September 8th 2010 their annual study on the rental market around the world (published in the Byblos banks' Newsletter).
(Institut EUROCOST, 6 of December 2010)

HSBC Expats Explorer survey for 2010 »
The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey for 2010 questioned over 4,100 expats from over 100 countries between April and June 2010 to produce the largest survey of its kind which reveals a wealth of information on the economic and daily life situations expats face.
(MMC, 5 of December 2010)

The new MOBILI-PASS® »
Until the end of February 2011, take advantage of the current Mobili-Pass® aids. By March 2011, new regulations will be put in place which will call for significant restrictions.
(MMC, 1 of December 2010)

The new LOCA-PASS® »
The LOCA-PASS® is a financial support for housing distributed by the French government.
(MMC, 26 of November 2010)

The Explosion of the Parisian Real Estate Market »
After the transactions freeze that suffered the French real estate market in 2008 in response to the 2007-2009 economic crisis, since 2010, goods' prices as well as sales' volume grew again to reach historical peaks.
(MMC, 25 of November 2010)

Spotlight on… …India! »
After several decades during which the economic development had great difficulties to follow the country's rapid demographic growth, India has made great progress in the last fifteen years, particularly due to the demographic transition and to the reforms initiated in 1991.
(MMC, 22 of November 2010)

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