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The MOBILI-PASS® was introduced by the government nearly 10 years ago to facilitate employees' mobility in France. This aid is financed by the companies with more than 20 employees who pay a mandatory contribution to the State. In return, those companies' employees may benefit from a financial support if they are relocalising further than 70 km from their last workplace.

Since the actual politic of the government is to stimulate mobility to favour employment in all regions and facilitate access to housing, as part of the 1% Logement changes that occurred in 2009, the eligibility and functioning criteria of the aid MOBILI-PASS® will be modified by March 1st, 2011. Until then the MOBILI-PASS® will last in its current form. All conventions signed after this date will be ruled by the new MOBILI-PASS® regulations.

Thus, this system of aid will become reserved for rentals. It will have two ceilings, each corresponding to the area where the employee settle, determined by the law Scellier A, B1, B2, and C. The list of areas can be found on »

The total ceiling will be of €3,500 all taxes included for the A and B1 area and of €3,000 for the B2 and C area).

Within this total budget, there will be also a specific subvention for relocation services, also limited according to the area at €2,000 for the A and B1 area and at €1,600 of the B2 and C area, and the rest of the budget could be used, as a loan with a fix rate of 1%/year, for the real estate agent fees and the double housing charges.

Finally, the company's approval for the granting of a loan of more than €1,400 will be maintained, and is only possible in case of the employee's transfer.

Management Mobility Consulting assists you with the checking of your eligibility and setting up of your MOBILI-PASS® files.

(MMC, 1 of December 2010)

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