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The new LOCA-PASS®

The LOCA-PASS® is a financial support for housing distributed by the French government. It is composed of two types of financial support:

  • The WARRANTY LOCA-PASS® which guarantees the rental payments.
  • The ADVANCE LOCA-PASS® which is for the financing of the warranty deposit.

In a continuous concern to facilitate access to housing for the largest number, several points of these governmental aids have been modified.

Since January 1st 2010:

The WARRANTY LOCA-PASS® no longer applies to private housing and is now reserved for housing with the convention APL or ANAH that belong to moral people lessors (such as social housing of HLM organisms).

There is now the « GRL » plan (Garantie des Risques Locatifs – Rental Risks Warranty) which is a guarantee for the payment of the rent for the lessor. The GRL covers the unpaid rent and charges for the whole duration of the lease up to a maximum of 2,000€ by warranted monthly payment and takes in charge any deterioration of furniture observed at the departure of the tenant, with a maximum of 7,700€ per sinister and per housing. This plan concerns only the housing whose rent, including charges, does not exceed 2,000€ a month and for which the lessor voluntarily contracted an insurance with the GRL company of his/her choice.

For more information on the GRL, you may go to the government's Action Logement website: » (in French).

Since August 31st 2010:

The list of the beneficiaries eligible to the ADVANCE LOCA-PASS® has been enlarged to include:

  • Employees of private non-agricultural companies', whatever their seniority and whatever the nature of their employment contract, including retirees of less than five years and seasonal workers.
  • Youths aged less than 30 years in cooperative education within a company, seeking a job, or employed (except for civil servants and government officials). The employment situation is characterized by the existence, at the time of the application to the aid, of a fixed term contract undergone for at least three months, of one or several fixed term contracts of which the cumulated duration is of at least three months within the previous six months, or of an internship convention undergoing for at least three months.
  • Students with a government scholarship.

The maximum amount for the ADVANCE LOCA-PAS has been reduced to 500€ (instead of 2,300€ previously). Minimal monthly reimbursements of the warranty deposit advance are now of 20€ (instead of 15€ previously) and the duration of the loan is now 24 months maximum (instead of 36 months previously).

For more information on the LOCA- PASS®, you may go to the government's Action Logement website: » (in French).

(MMC, 26 of November 2010)

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