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How to enhance coworkers' motivation through a personal management of their everyday life

More and more companies offer concierge services to their employees to help them managing their everyday life such as searching for a parking lot, buying theater tickets or booking a family trip.

Strengthened by the current economic crisis, employees' scepticism toward their employers is on the raise. To "make the economic system more human" and to encourage their team, more and more companies are counting on the well being in the company.

This is the topic of an article published in "Paris Berlin" magazine in December 2012. Its author, Romy Strassenburg chose to interview Martina MEINHOLD, Managing Director of the company Management Mobility Consulting, to highlight the tendencies that can be noticed in French and German multinationals.

To attract and to keep high potentials, companies offer tailor made services packages to their employees. These packages can include searching for babysitting, buying furniture, searching for a job for the spouse or taking care of a concierge service.

Besides, one can notice that more and more employers offer sports and cultural activities to their coworkers to improve the atmosphere and well being in the workplace.

The full version of the article (in German language) can be found here as a PDF document.

Photo: © | alenkasm

(MMC, 5 of December 2012)

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